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Phenotype Genotyping Line
Catalog ID
tbr1bihb26/ihb26(AB) tbr1b (tbr1, zf-tbr1) pdf Mutant Line CZ19 Frozen sperm
lhx1aihb25/+(AB) lhx1(alim1, lim1a, wu:fe25d04, wu:fj36b06) pdf Mutant Line CZ24 Frozen sperm
wnt11tz216/+(AB) wnt11 (cb748, silberblick, slb) wnt11 pdf Mutant Line CZ28 Frozen sperm
tbr1bihb24/+(AB) tbr1b (tbr1, zf-tbr1) pdf Mutant Line CZ37 Frozen sperm
bmp2bta72a/+(AB) bmp2b (bmp2-4, zbmp-2, zbmp2, cb670, etID309839.20, swirl, swr)  pdf Mutant Line CZ43 Frozen sperm
nup107tsu068Gt/+(AB) Gt(bcl2-EGFP) nup107 (si:dkey-27k7.3, zgc:152723) apoptotic process increased occurrence, eye decreased size, intestine decreased size pdf Mutant Line CZ44 Frozen sperm
tpm4azf152Gt/+(AB) Gt(T2EGE) tpm4a atrium, cardiac ventricle, aortic archprimitive heart tube, pdf Mutant Line CZ49 Frozen sperm
eomesafh105/+(AB) eomesa (eom, eom-a, eomes, eomes1, tbr2a, tbr2) pdf Mutant Line CZ52 Embryos/Adults
chdtt250/+(AB)   chd [chordino, din, dino, dino (din), fe47d04, wu:fe47d04] dino is required for the organization of the zebrafish body planbrain, eye,nervous system, caudal fin pdf Mutant Line CZ53 Embryos/Adults
closm0/+(AB) clo  pdf Mutant Line CZ57 Frozen sperm
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