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pCS2+ pCS2+ for preparation of in vitro transcribed mRNA, or overexpression constructs for DNA injection and/or transfection. CZP1
pXT7(T7:hCas9-UTRglobin) For in vitro transcription of humanized Cas9 mRNA  (CRISPR/Cas9) CZP2
pMD19-T-gRNA scaffold For making in vitro transcribed gRNA (CRISPR/Cas9) CZP3
pTol2(kop:Cre-UTRnanos3,CMV:eGFP-UTRsv40) PGC-specific Cre expression; whole embryo EGFP. CZP5
pTol2(kop:KalTA4-UTRnanos3,CMV:eGFP-UTRsv40) PGC-specific KalTA4 expression; whole embryo EGFP. CZP6
pTol2(kop:loxP-sv40-loxP-mRFP-UTRnanos3,CMV:eGFP-UTRsv40) a loxP flanked SV40 poly(A) signal between the kop promoter and the mRFP gene to regulate PGC-specific mRFP expression; whole embryo EGFP CZP7
pTol2(UAS:mRFP-UTRnanos3,CMV:eGFP-UTRsv40) mRFP regulated by UAS and nanos3 UTR ; whole embryo EGFP CZP8
pTol2(kop:egfp-UTRnanos3) PGC-specific eGFP expression CZP9
pTol2-MCS Tol2 Transposable Element and multi-clone sites CZP10
pT3TS(T3:zCas9-UTRglobin) For in vitro transcription of zebrafish codon-optimized version Cas9 mRNA  (CRISPR/Cas9) CZP11
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