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ZKO number ZKO86
Recent progress of this line F1 progeny has been raised
Gene name mir19a
Ensembl ID ENSDARG00000099103
Zebrafish strain AB
Cas9 target site 1 sequence sense strand
see ZKO84 and ZKO85
Cas9 target site 2 sequence
Position in the gene
Restriction enzyme (RE) n/a
PCR primer (forward)
PCR primer (reverse)
Length of expected PCR product (bp)
Length of expected RE digestion product (bp)
Plasmids used for making Cas9 mRNA pXT7-hCAS9
Plasmids used for making gRNA pMD19T-gRNA
Primers used for making gRNA Pr-ZKO
Dosage of injected Cas9 mRNA (ng/ul)
Dosage of injected gRNA (ng/ul)
Survival rate of F0 embryo @ 1dpf (%)
Method to estimate mutation efficiency sequencing of PCR product
Stage of the embryos collected for mutation detection http://www.zfish.cn/upload/file/ZKOPDF/ZKO84.pdf
Mutation efficiency in F0 embryos (%)
Picture from F0 embryos
  (gel picture or sequencing picture)
Mutation type Indel
Germline transmission efficiency in adult F0
Wild-type (WT) sequence
Germline mutations in selected F0
 (By screening F1 embryos)
Mosaicism in selected F0
 (By screening F1 adults)
Allele name and predicted product 86a
see ZKO84a
see ZKO85a
填表时间 2013/12/17
修改时间 2017/3/21
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