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Phenotype Genotyping Line
Catalog ID
sqet4Et/+; sqet20Et/+(AB) Et(krt4:EGFP)  sqet4Et/+; sqet20Et/+ hair cell,mantle cell and lateral linehair cell,mantle cell and lateral line pdf Transgenic Line CZ1379 Embryos/Adults
anxa2aihb583/+;anxa2bihb586/+(AB) anxa2a; anxa2b pdf Mutant Line CZ1381 Embryos/Adults
ednrbihb441/+(AB) ednrb pdf Mutant Line CZ1386 Frozen sperm
ednrbaihb437/+(AB) ednrba pdf Mutant Line CZ1387 Frozen sperm
flt4ihb438/+(AB) flt4 pdf Mutant Line CZ1388 Frozen sperm
flt4ihb439/+(AB) flt4 pdf Mutant Line CZ1389 Frozen sperm
pdgfrbihb440/+(AB) pdgfrb pdf Mutant Line CZ1390 Frozen sperm
ace2ihb442/+(AB) ace2 pdf Mutant Line CZ1391 Frozen sperm
crb1ihb443/+(-) crb1 pdf Mutant Line CZ1392 Frozen sperm
crb1ihb444/+(AB) crb1 pdf Mutant Line CZ1393 Embryos/Adults
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