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[previous names]
Phenotype Genotyping Line
Catalog ID
polqihb368/+(AB) [si:rp71-1p14.5] pdf Mutant Line CZ1279 Frozen sperm
brafihb498/+(AB) braf pdf Mutant Line CZ1286 Frozen sperm
gper1ihb499/+(AB) gper1 pdf Mutant Line CZ1287 Frozen sperm
kcnj2aihb500/+(AB) kcnj2a pdf Mutant Line CZ1288 Frozen sperm
dvl1bsdu31/+(AB) dvl1b pdf Mutant Line CZ1289 Frozen sperm
foxp3aihb419/+(AB) foxp3a pdf Mutant Line CZ1290 Frozen sperm
kcnj2aihb372/+(AB) kcnj2a pdf Mutant Line CZ1295 Frozen sperm
gper1ihb374/+(AB) gper1 pdf Mutant Line CZ1296 Frozen sperm
Tg(ath5:GAL4-VP16)(AB) Tg(ath5:GAL4-VP16) f17/+ docx Transgenic Line CZ1303 Frozen sperm
ion17dTg/+(AB) Tg(ctbp2a:Cr.ChR2-CFP) ion17dTg/+ the bipolar cells of the retina. the retina. pdf Transgenic Line CZ1308 Frozen sperm
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