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Phenotype Genotyping Line
Catalog ID
slc12a10.2ihb342/+(AB) slc12a10.2 (ncc2b, znccg, si:dkey-114c3.2, zNCC-like 2) pdf Mutant Line CZ1244 Frozen sperm
admpioz20/+; im: 7138239ioz11/+(AB) admp (fe05b04, wu:fe05b04); im:7138239 pdf Mutant Line CZ1245 Frozen sperm
ioz15Tg/+(AB) Tg(nkx2.3:mCherry) ioz15Tg pharyngeal poucheson pdf Transgenic Line CZ1246 Frozen sperm
ioz16Tg/+(AB) Tg(-5.5nkx2.3:EGFP-CAAX) ioz16Tg pharyngeal ectoderm pdf Transgenic Line CZ1247 Frozen sperm
ioz17Tg/+(AB) Tg(-5.5nkx2.3:EosFP) ioz17Tg - Transgenic Line CZ1248 Frozen sperm
f2Tg/+(AB) Tg(-5.1myl7:DsRed2-NLS) f2Tg atrial and ventricular cardiomyocyte nuclei pdf Transgenic Line CZ1249 Frozen sperm
ioz19Tg/+(AB) Tg(-5.5nkx2.3:KALTA4-mCherry) ioz19Tg pharyngeal poucheson pdf Transgenic Line CZ1250 Frozen sperm
fb7Tg/+(AB) TgBAC(-36nkx2.5:ZsYellow) fb7Tg cardiac mesoderm and heart pdf Transgenic Line CZ1251 Frozen sperm
slc12a3ihb343/+(AB) slc12a3 ( NCCT, si:ch211-122c9.4, wu:fj83c03) pdf Mutant Line CZ1252 Frozen sperm
stat5bihb396/+ (AB) [stat5.2]   stat5b  pdf Mutant Line CZ1253 Embryos/Adults
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