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Phenotype Genotyping Line
Catalog ID
gata4fh320/+(AB) gata4 pdf Mutant Line CZ123 Frozen sperm
gata4fh321/+(AB) gata4 pdf Mutant Line CZ124 Frozen sperm
fmr1fh324/+(AB) fmr1 [zFMR1 (1)] pdf Mutant Line CZ125 Frozen sperm
fmr1fh325/+(AB) fmr1 [zFMR1 (1)] pdf Mutant Line CZ126 Frozen sperm
notch3fh332/+(AB) notch3 [notch5, fa14b08, wu:fa14b08] pdf Mutant Line CZ127 Embryos/Adults
celsr3fh339/+(AB) celsr3 pdf Mutant Line CZ128 Frozen sperm
rai1fh370/+(AB) rai1 pdf Mutant Line CZ129 Frozen sperm
cldn15lbfh290/+(AB) cldn15lb [cldn10l1b, zgc:92349] pdf Mutant Line CZ131 Frozen sperm
ihb23Tg/+(AB) Tg(CMV:Cel.Fat2,CMV:mCherry) ihb23Tg[Tg(CMV:Cel.Fat2,CMV:mCherry)] ubiquitously expressed mCherry and delta-12 desaturase of C.elegans pdf Transgenic Line CZ133 Frozen sperm
ca15bihb41/+(AB) ca15b (zCA15b, fd15c07, wu:fd15c07, wu:fi24f01, zgc:65797 , zgc:77106) pdf Mutant Line CZ134 Frozen sperm
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