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Phenotype Genotyping Line
Catalog ID
ihb50Tg/+(AB) Tg(Eco.Tshb:EGFP) ihb50Tg[Tg(Eco.Tshb:EGFP)] the pronephric neck and tubule pdf Transgenic Line CZ104 Frozen sperm
spry4fh117/+(AB) spry4 [zSpry4, cb511,sprouty4,wu:fb92b06] pdf Mutant Line CZ105 Frozen sperm
piwil1fh219/+(AB) piwil1 [ziwi] pdf Mutant Line CZ106 Embryos/Adults
wnt11rfh224/+(AB) wnt11r (fk73h04, wu:fk73h04) pdf Mutant Line CZ107 Frozen sperm
kctd12.1fh236/+(AB) kctd12.1 [lov(1),leftover(1)] pdf Mutant Line CZ108 Frozen sperm
gbx2fh253/+(AB) gbx2 [gbx-2 (1), fd07f12, wu:fd07f12 (1)] pdf Mutant Line CZ110 Frozen sperm
myod1fh261/+(AB) myod [MyoD1 (1), myod, MyoD (1), etID309723.25 (1), wu:fb57a01, zgc:136744] pdf Mutant Line CZ111 Frozen sperm
msgn1fh273/+(AB) msgn1 [mespo (1), pMeso1a (1), wu:fc39h09, zgc:109769] pdf Mutant Line CZ113 Frozen sperm
nrp1bfh278/+(AB) nrp1b pdf Mutant Line CZ115 Frozen sperm
atoh1afh282/+(AB) atoh1a [ath1, Atoh1.1 (1), atoh1, ZATH-1 (1), zath1 (1), Zath1a (1), zgc:136417] pdf Mutant Line CZ116 Frozen sperm
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