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Phenotype Genotyping Line
Catalog ID
closm0/+(AB) clo  - Mutant Line CZ57 Frozen sperm
csf1raj4e1/j4e1(AB) csf1ra (c-fms, csf1r, fms, panther) pdf Mutant Line CZ66 Embryos/Adults
gata1am651/+(AB)  gata1a (gata1, gta1, vlt, zg1, etID309774.11, vlad tepes) pdf Mutant Line CZ67 Frozen sperm
mitfaw2/w2;roya9/a9(AB) [casper] mitfa (Mitf-related gene, Mitf2, nac, nacre, z3A.1); roy  casper, pigment, lack of all melanocytes and iridophores in both embryogenesis and adulthood pdf Mutant Line CZ73 Embryos/Adults
socs2ihb30/+(AB) socs2 (si:dkey-202b22.1) pdf Mutant Line CZ92 Frozen sperm
socs3aihb31/+(AB) socs3a (socs3, fj09e12, wu:fj09e12, zgc:56537 ) pdf Mutant Line CZ93 Frozen sperm
socs1aihb33/+(AB) socs1a (socs1, zgc:91868) pdf Mutant Line CZ94 Frozen sperm
socs2ihb34/+(AB) socs2 (si:dkey-202b22.1) pdf Mutant Line CZ95 Frozen sperm
socs3bihb36/+(AB) socs3b (zgc:77038) pdf Mutant Line CZ97 Frozen sperm
jag1bgd2Gt/+(TU) Gt2(bcl-EGFP) jag1b cz102 24hpfcz102 24hpfcz102 48hpfcz102 48hpf - Mutant Line CZ102 Frozen sperm
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