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Phenotype Genotyping Line
Catalog ID
ndel1aihb94/+(TU) ndel1a pdf Mutant Line CZ216 Embryos/Adults
ndel1aihb95/+(TU) ndel1a pdf Mutant Line CZ217 Embryos/Adults
ndel1aihb96/+(TU) ndel1a pdf Mutant Line CZ218 Embryos/Adults
rngttnju51/+(AB) [mRNA capping enzyme, RNA guanylyltransferase and 5-phosphatase, zgc:76886] rngtt (mRNA capping enzyme, RNA guanylyltransferase and 5-phosphatase, zgc:76886) pdf Mutant Line CZ254 Frozen sperm
mycbnju50/+(AB) [cmycb, C-Myc2, zgc:55680] mycb ( cmycb, C-Myc2, zgc:55680) pdf Mutant Line CZ255 Frozen sperm
mycanju52/+(AB) [c-myc, cmyc, cmyca, C-Myc1, zc-myc ] myca (c-myc , cmyc, cmyca, C-Myc1, zc-myc ) pdf Mutant Line CZ256 Frozen sperm
vclbgd3/+(AB) vclb pdf Mutant Line CZ257 Frozen sperm
lrrn1ihb121/+(AB) lrrn1 pdf Mutant Line CZ263 Embryos/Adults
lrrn1ihb122/+(AB) lrrn1 pdf Mutant Line CZ264 Embryos/Adults
kdrlihb123/+(AB) kdrl (kdr, kdra, fetal liver kinase, flk-1, flk1, flk, flt1b, VEGFR-2, vegfr2, vegfr2a, vegfr4, vegr2, wu:fk52c05) pdf Mutant Line CZ265 Embryos/Adults
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