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Between 888 bp to 892 bp of the wild-type abcc4 coding sequence, CATGC, is deleted in exon 7. CZ1275
A plasmid of pT2/β-actin P-Abcc4-Flag-β-actin-pA was constructed for the transgenesis. It includes a strong promoter and a polyadenylation signal sequence from carp β-actin gene, zebrafish abcc4 coding sequence (CDS) which was introduced a Flag-tagged at the carboxyl terminus for transgene expression analysis. CZ1276
Mugen Liu Lab CZ1277
Mugen Liu Lab CZ1278
Yonghua Sun Lab CZ1279
Between 846 bp to 855 bp of the wild-type braf coding sequence, CAGCACGGAG wasdeleted in exon 6. CZ1286
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