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pTol2(UAS:zCas9-UTRsv40) UAS promoter and SV40 UTR regulate zCas9B expression CZP45
pCS2(SP6.zCas9B-UTRnanos3) PGC-specific Cas9 expression  CZP46
The enhancer of micall2a (molecule interacting withCasL-Like 2a, Figure 3c) was likely trapped bymp805a (Figure 1c). Its mouse ortholog, Micall2, isinvolved in axon guidance [13], vesicle transportationand functional cell-cell junction formation[14-16]. To ourknowledge, this gene as well as its orthologs has notbeen reported to be expressed in blood vessels beforeand we are interested in elucidating its potential rolesin zebrafish vasculature development in the future. CZ47
pTol2(tpma: eGFP-UTRglobin) muscle-specific GFP expression CZP47
The mutants exhibit enlarged otocysts,smaller or eliminated otoliths, malformed semicircular canals, insensitiveness to sound stimulationand imbalanced swimming motion. CZ48
p(UAS:mRFP-UTRnanos3) UAS promoter and nanos3 UTR regulate mRFP expression CZP48
p(UAS:mGFP5-UTRnanos3) UAS promoter and nanos3 UTR regulate mGFP5 expression CZP49
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