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pu6a:sgRNA-4 U6-based sgRNA expression vectors CZP40
pTol2(CA-zCas9B-AT) Common Carp beta-actin Promoter drive Cas9 expression CZP41
wdr18 in the regulation of DFC clustering and migration and KV formation and in the determination and regulation of L-R asymmetry CZ42
pTol2(kop:zCas9B-UTRnanos3) kop promoter drice zCas9B expression CZP42
pTol2(kop:zCas9B-2A-eGFP-UTRnanos3) kop promoter drive zCas9B-2A-eGFP expression CZP43
The Nup107–160 multiprotein subcomplex is essential forthe assembly of nuclear pore complexes. Homozygous nup107tsu068Gtmutant embryos exhibit tissue-specific defects after 3 days postfertilization(dpf), including loss of the pharyngeal skeletons,degeneration of the intestine, absence of the swim bladder, andsmaller eyes.In cells of the defective tissues, FGrepeatnucleoporins are disturbed and nuclear pore number isreduced, leading to impaired translocation of mRNAs from thenucleus to the cytoplasm. CZ44
pTol2(UAS:zCas9B-UTRnanos3) UAS promoter and nanos3 UTR regulate zCas9B expression CZP44
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