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pTol2(MCS-egfp-UTRsv40) promoter analysis and promoter capture CZP14
pCS2(sp6:Cre-UTRsv40) Cre expression  CZP16
pTol2(MCS-mCherry-UTRglobin) promoter analysis and promoter capture CZP17
299 bp to 305 bp of the wildtype tbr1b coding sequence, CTGCAGG, is deleted. The mutated tbr1b codes for a protein containing 100 aa, and the sequence of the 100 aa is identical to wildtype Tbr1b. Further MTA needed from the Fish Developmental Biotechnology Lab. CZ19
pTol2(actb1:egfp-UTRactb1) beta actin promoter drive EGFP expression CZP19
pTol2(actb1:venus-UTRactb1) beta actin promoter drive venus expression CZP20
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