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Between 655 bp to 661 bp of the wild-type klf2b coding sequence, GCGTATC is mutated to TGA in exon 2.  CZ456
Between 737 bp to 738 bp of the wild-type klf2b coding sequence, TG is mutated to ACC in exon 2.  CZ457
Between 169 bp to 176 bp of the wild-type fndc5b coding sequence, GTCATTGG is deleted in exon 2. CZ460
Between 169 bp to 170 bp of the wild-type fndc5b coding sequence, GT is mutated to TCCAGGAAAC in exon 2.  CZ461
In the 98 bp of the wild-type sdc4 coding sequence, A is deleted in exon 2.  CZ464
Between 415bp to 419 bp of the wild-type nfe2l2a coding sequence, GCCTT is deleted in exon 4. CZ465
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