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pXT7-hCas9 For in vitro transcription of humanized Cas9 mRNA  (CRISPR/Cas9) CZP2
TU Fish TU fish for toxicology (毒理学应用的TU品系鱼,不保证产卵) CF2
14-3-3 b/a CA2
Desmin Desmin MA2
14-3-3 b/a 14-3-3 protein beta/alpha, Protein 1054, Protein kinase C inhibitor protein 1 PA2
ZFL Cell Line The ZFL cell line was established in 1992 from a pool of approximately 10 normal adult zebrafish livers. It exhibits some properties characteristic of liver parenchymal cells. Cell2
Wild-type short fins. Strain used by Sanger for the zebrafish sequencing project. It was cleaned up to remove embryonic lethal mutations from the background before being used for mutagenesis and sequencing. See the Danio rerio sequencing project for more information.The Tuebingen strain originated from a Tuebingen pet shop. CZ3
gRNA-pMD19-T For making in vitro transcribed gRNA (CRISPR/Cas9) CZP3
TL TL fish for toxicology (毒理学应用的TL品系鱼,不保证产卵) CF3
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