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Wild-type short fins. Strain used by Sanger for the zebrafish sequencing project. It was cleaned up to remove embryonic lethal mutations from the background before being used for mutagenesis and sequencing. See the Danio rerio sequencing project for more information.The Tuebingen strain originated from a Tuebingen pet shop. CZ3
pMD19-T-gRNA scaffold For making in vitro transcribed gRNA (CRISPR/Cas9) CZP3
Sycp3 This antibody can specifically label the spermatocyte. CZPA3
PCNA This antibody can specifically label the mitotic spermatogonia. CZPA4
pTol2(kop:Cre-UTRnanos3,CMV:eGFP-UTRsv40) PGC-specific Cre expression; whole embryo EGFP. CZP5
pTol2(kop:KalTA4-UTRnanos3,CMV:eGFP-UTRsv40) PGC-specific KalTA4 expression; whole embryo EGFP. CZP6
pTol2(kop:loxP-sv40-loxP-mRFP-UTRnanos3,CMV:eGFP-UTRsv40) a loxP flanked SV40 poly(A) signal between the kop promoter and the mRFP gene to regulate PGC-specific mRFP expression; whole embryo EGFP CZP7
pTol2(UAS:mRFP-UTRnanos3,CMV:eGFP-UTRsv40) mRFP regulated by UAS and nanos3 UTR ; whole embryo EGFP CZP8
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