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Tg(eef1a1l1:Kaede)ck2Kaede is a fluorescent protein from the stony coral Trachyphyllia geoffroyi. The protein emits bright green fluorescence after synthesis, but changes efficiently to a bright and stable red fluorescence on irradiation with UV or violet light. Useful for optical cell labeling. CZ150
Transgenic reporters reveal first axon myelinated in vivo in zebrafish CNS (the central nervous system). Myelinating glia of the CNS and PNS(the peripheral nervous system) are labelled, as is the heart, which serves as a marker of transgenesis. CZ153
The olig2-Dsred transgenic zebrafish line expresses motor neurons and their axon tracts in a reddish color. Axon tracts are also forming segmented repetitive networks along the dorsoventral axis. CZ154
oligodendrocytes and schwann cells, myelination,central nervous system, spinal cord CZ159
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